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You know something June?  I consider empathy to be among the most important qualities that a human being can have.  It is a value that I work hard to teach my daughter.  I do not believe that there is a shiny afterlife awaiting the suffering masses.  I believe that this one life on earth is our only life, and I have dedicated myself to working to improve the human condition.  When I am faced with a series of choices, or an important decision, I engage in a process of attempting to empathize with everyone who would be impacted by the various options, and use that process to guide my actions.

I have observed a trend in your posts here, which is, I think, the reason that you are feeling a lack of empathy from the majority of the members.  Most folks here value rational arguments and evidence.  You consistently argue that we should accept your anecdotes of personal experiences and beliefs to be as to be as valid as rational arguments and evidence.  When members here get frustrated with your inability  to engage in critical thinking, you have a couple of different responses. 

Sometimes you claim to be full of love and empathy, proclaiming a superior set of values to the people who are either disagreeing with you are attempting to get you to engage in a rational discussion. 

Other times, you become hurt and indignant, and take on the characteristics of a wounded puppy, proclaiming that the posters have no right to disagree with you because you suffered so terribly in your childhood, and that anyone here who disagrees with you is just being a bully. 

You have not been successful using either of those tactics on this forum.  It is pretty clear that you are genuinely surprised at your failure to evoke an emotional response when using these tactics, and  I suspect you do when using these tactics in your real life interactions.

You see, I don't think that your failure to evoke the anticipated emotional response from forum members is an indication of our lack of empathy.  In fact, when you use these techniques, I personally feel manipulated, and that makes me feel angry. 

You see, it sort of pisses me off when someone claims to have superior moral integrity.  And I bet there are a lot of other people here who have the same response.  And it also pisses me off when someone randomly plays the victim card.

I do have great empathy for you and other victims of childhood abuse.  In fact, I probably cut abuse survivors a lot more slack than most folks do, because you have a lot of emotional garbage that you will always carry around, and of course it surfaces at unexpected times.  But I know a lot of survivors who do not feel the need to pull out the victim card as a strategy to win an argument.  Even a few here on this forum. 
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