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Is this the right time to call POE?

I don't know.  I suspect it is more complex than that.

I have not paid particular attention to most of HB's participation in this forum, but this is the second time I have seen him completely misunderstand the content of text that is right in front of him, and then cite the text to support an argument that is in no way related to the arguments made in the text that he cites. 

The website that he links to speaks extensively about the evolution of the virus, and presents current (and even some controversial) theories about the origins of the epidemic.  But none of those theories represents gay men as the cause of the epidemic, as HB's poll suggests.   The website itself is for an international AIDS advocacy group, and the site is full of quizzes on sexuality and AIDS and safer sex and condom use. 

The previous time that HB cited an article to back up an argument, it was a scholarly journal piece examining socially culturally appropriate methods of treating mental illness among different social groups.  Atheists with mental illness were cited as a group whose needs were not being addressed in the majority of studies.  HB decided that the author was arguing that atheism is a mental illness, completely misunderstanding the article. 

At first I thought he was just plain out lying.  But I'm coming to think that HB has some sort of learning disability which causes him to zoom in and hyper focus on minutia within text, embellish that minutia with previously held biases that do not exist within the text, and then promote his biases while citing the non-relevant, out of context minutia.  At the same time, he seems to completely fail to see the obvious main points within the text that he is citing. 

I find myself getting really angry at HB.  But it is really not his fault that he has poor reading comprehension. 
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