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What a great article.  As a middle aged lady gamer, who also usually plays highly religious/supernatural characters (healers usually, sometimes spell casters or summoners) I identified with the author a great deal.

Not sure I agree with her premise.  But the chart that she used as her opening was fascinating. 

But she did make an interesting point.  In game, prayers or spells or meditation DO SOMETHING.  In Skyrim I go to the temples.  In Morrowind, I always followed the 9 Divines.  I was a druid in EQ.  Even in Civ 4 (was it 4 that had culture and religion that changed the border lines?) I always had highly religious societies and passively took over my opponents borders.  So it must be an interesting experience for a young theist become a character in a game who follows a religion of some sort, and the religion actually DOES something.

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