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Is Bangladesh cursed?  The Sudan?  They certainly have more weather related deaths per year than the US.  And weather in those nations has destroyed attempts at creating and maintaining the kind of infrastructure that we in the first world are accustomed to.

But why focus just on weather?  There are so many natural disasters.  We've seen Japan devastated by a tsunami, and a few years before that, the massive tsunami of 2004 killed hundreds of thousands of people.  Earthquakes?  Haiti is still recovering from the devastation of its most recent earthquake.  Mexico City, Santiago Chile, and so many other national capitals have been devastated in recent decades. 

Corporate greed (you hate greed, right?) has sure as hell caused hundreds of thousands of deaths (if not more) in recent decades.  From the struggle over mining coltan in the Congo to the US State Department intervention to support United Fruits profits in Central America, to the deadly factory conditions all over the third world, there is incomprehensible human suffering.  And the Oklahoma shelters in which these displaced families are temporarily living, are full of luxuries that most of the world does not have access to.   Clean water.  Electricity.  Food.  Wifi. 

Cursed?  The fact that such a huge percentage of our nation is composed of literate people who have leisure time to contemplate the question seems to indicate that our suffering and tragedies are minor compared to those of most of the rest of the world. 

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