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Holybuckets, I'm really split here.  I can't tell whether you are being intentionally dishonest and antagonistic, or if your reading comprehension is really as limited as your posts seem to indicate.

Let's review here. 

Dr. Whitley is first and foremost, and advocate for people with mental illnesses.  He advocates for the RECOVERY model, which he explains in great detail in the video I posted.  He specializes in meeting the needs of patients who are members of marginalized communities, and he promotes what he calls a "consumer driven model" of mental health services. 

His primary work revolves around the recovery model.  He promotes governmental policies that support the recovery model.  He draws on his background in anthropology to create culturally sensitive service models designed to meet the needs of the mental health care consumers who are ethnically, culturally, religiously or economically marginalized. 

His primary work is not that of a diagnostician.  And he sure as hell is not writing articles labeling subsets of the population as mentally ill or attempting to posthumously diagnose mental illnesses in historical figures. 

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