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Oh.  And I know you really want Dr. Whitley to validate your religious beliefs.[1] If you went to him for treatment for a mental illness, he would in fact validate them.  He is really into validating beliefs.  Not imposing beliefs.  Validating beliefs and using belief systems as part of his dimensional treatment approach to mental illness. 

I suspect that if you familiarized yourself with the good doctor's work, you would find it quite disconcerting.  In this article, http://indigenouspsych.org/Interest%20Group/Kirmayer/2012_Recovery_Adeponle.pdf which he co-wrote, you will find a case study starting at the bottom of page 12 (on my viewer, numbered page 120) in which the authors describe a treatment model for a Pentecostal Yoruba woman in Nigeria.  She had had a breakdown after a broken engagement. 

She started out with church members trying to pray away the demons that they believed possessed her.  This was unsuccessful, so she was brought to a psychiatric hospital, and put on anti-psychotic medication.   At the same time, she drew on her traditional Yoruba belief systems, and consulted an Ifa (Yoruba priest) to help her "ascertain the cause of the schism" in her "cosmic harmony."  The Ifa helped put her in touch with her deceased grandmother, and after a great deal of work on assessing the ways in which her deceased grandmother was impacting on her mental health and life goals, the patient made positive signs of recovery.

The author writes "  Although psychiatric treatment and hospitalization played a role in the reduction of her symptoms, the involvement of traditional healing was central to Olayema's recovery." 

And for all of the atheists here who think that is absurd, you might find his explanation of "why" this involvement of traditional healing was central to her recovery. 
 1. And your disdain for atheists
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