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But since you brought it up, how long do you let them play the victim card? 

Maybe as long as they continue to be victimized. 

For example, today's collapse of a garment factory in Bangladesh killed over 100 human beings.  As this reporter explains, "The fashions you see on the streets of London, New York, Paris, they are made in Bangladesh."

It is much more comfortable to pretend that we live in silos, and that suffering in other parts of the world has nothing to do with us.  But we are all interconnected. This factory might be what screwtape considers to be a "Muslim shithole."  But this "shithole" would not exist if foreign corporations were not seeking cheap labor in countries that don't provide the bothersome sorts of protections like worker safety and minimum wage. 

I don't know how many hours of Bangladeshi labor have contributed to the wardrobe items hanging in my closet or stuffed in my dresser drawers.  I don't know how many kids were working in factories rather than going to school in order to bring me my jeans and sweatpants and pretty cotton skirts.  I don't know how many people grew up illiterate so that I could pay a bit less for my fashion. 

But I would never have the audacity to call these laborers barbarians because they are not literate or because their illiteracy causes them to believe in superstitions or because they live in a young nation that lacks adequate infrastructure. 

Are the Taliban victims?   

I despise the Taliban.  I fear their fundamentalist dogma, and I most of all I hate their oppression of women.  I know several women who grew up under the Taliban.  One of my staff was married off to a Talibanish Afghani against her will as a young, illiterate teenager.  She was a bright, driven, ambitious single mom, who was pursuing her GED (and who spoke 5 languages) when I hired her.  More than a decade later, she has finished her BA, and raised a great son, and she is a vital, well-respected member of my office.  She could have been one of the burqa clad women we see on the news.  And so many of them could have been her. 

But do I think that Taliban are victims?  To a certain degree, yes.  Decades of foreign wars on Afghan soil led to overwhelming illiteracy.  And illiterate people are much more susceptible to superstitions and foolishness.  And anger.  And angry, superstitious, foolish people are often dangerous.  The Taliban was born out of the Cold War.  And my parents' tax dollars helped create the Taliban. 

This is not "beside the point."  This is the point.  We created monsters, and then we blame them for being monsters.

And then we go on to say that all Muslims are monsters too? 

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