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I diagree. By and large muslims live in nations that are shitholes.  Their societies suck, their schools suck, their economies suck.  They suck.  That is likely to make one irritable and violent.  That they have gone fundamentalist has made the problems worse.  They eschew the very things that can help them.  It is a death spiral.

Wow.  I have to strongly disagree.  There are certainly some tragically poor and violent and volatile nations that are predominantly Muslim.  And I could list a larger number of tragically poor and violent and volatile nations that are predominantly Christian.  Guatemala.  Haiti.  East Timor.  The Democratic Republic of Congo.  El Salvador.  Compare the capitals of those countries with, say Dubai. 

Muslim Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Christian Port au Prince Haiti

Christian Guatemala City, Guatemala

Low literacy rates, foreign control of natural resources, (or a small oligarchy controlling natural resources) and little national investment in infrastructure are the primary characteristics of nations suffering extreme poverty.  A history of colonization, or a history of being a pawn in during the Cold War are also strong contributing factors.   

Also, nations that have a history of marginalizing ethnic or religious or political or caste minorities (or sometimes majorities) have pockets of extreme wealth and pockets of desperate poverty.

To paint the entire Muslim world, (which represents about a quarter of all living human beings) with one brush stroke is impossible. 

Muslims are a diverse bunch.    From the quarter of a billion Indonesians residing in the South Pacific, to the citizens of densely populated nation of Bangladesh (which had two opposing women candidates vying for the post of Prime Minister) to the ancient Northern African civilizations of Morocco and Egypt to the oil-rich nations like Saudi Arabia and Qatar and UAE, to the occupied nations like Chechnya and Palestine, or historically occupied nations, like Afghanistan or Albania, it is impossible to make generalizations.

There are some Muslim countries, and some Muslim sects, that oppress and marginalized women.  But I would bet that over the past decade or so, more human beings have lived in countries led by Muslim women than by Christian women.  I mean, if you look at the 10 most populous countries in the world, http://www.internetworldstats.com/stats8.htm three of them have had female Muslim heads of state in the past decade.  That is a huge percentage of humanity. 

And it defies the western stereotypes. 

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