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No question that Christians feel the world will end with the final battle being that much of the world will rise up and try to blow Israel off the map.  What are your thoughts and can you deny that the rest of the Middle East (or at least the Muslim nations) hate Israel? Isn't it plausible then, that the Bible may be correct in predicting this catastrophe?


Well, the Palestinians certainly hate living under an apartheid system on their ancestral homeland.  And a significant percentage of the world, including the Middle East, think that the marginalization of the Palestinians is unjust.

Does that constitute the "hate" for Israel that you describe? 

So Christians want to "blow Israel off the map?"  What does that mean.  You want the physical location destroyed?  Or does your god want you to kill Jews and Muslims?  Are you in favor of escalating the current situation in order to help fulfill the prophecies that were written in the region in an era in which everyone alive though the world was flat? 

Really?  What are you saying?
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