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I just watched your video.  I was posting my video about Sanford when you were posting your pastor.  Kind of ironic, I guess.

But you know, I don't get it. 

All of this pain and suffering and guilt about sex.  I really don't get it. 

I can't help but think that all of this pain and suffering that your pastor is describing has more to do with issues related to dishonesty, betrayal, manipulation and power imbalances than with the sexual act itself.  I mean, he makes it all sound pretty horrible.  But it bears no resemblance to my sexual experiences.  And I find myself wondering, does this brand of Christianity appeal to folks who blame sex for lying and deceiving people they purport to love? 

Is it easier to blame sex and sin for your own poor life choices and bad behavior, than it is to own up to your own bad decisions?   I mean, take this Sanford guy.  I don't really care where he puts his dick.  But someone who abandons his post, lies to his wife, (and everyone else) and doesn't even have contact with his 4 children on father's day - while there is a national search going on to determine if he is dead or alive?  That is not about sex.  That is about poor character, and bad decisions.  So he, and your pastor, it seems, think it is all about sex.  I think it is about a much deeper set of issues, and that his actions speak volumes about his loyalties, his priorities, and his desire for control. 

The people of South Carolina would agree with you and your pastor.  They have forgiven him.  Re elected him.  But I think this whole "we are all sinners too" bs gives him and everyone else a free pass to NOT take responsibility for their own behavior. 

I think the man is scum, and I'm embarrassed that he is an elected representative of my country.  The fact that he has the power to legislate other people's intimate relationships is beyond comprehension.  And I think blaming sex and sin is a cheap cop out. 
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