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MM - Nice to have you back.

Your pastor did his research, and he did manage to find one contemporary high profile scientist[1] who believes in Christianity.  I kind of scratch my head at this Frances Collins guy.  BTW - he is most certainly NOT a young earth creationist type.  In fact, he even rejects intelligent design, and has coined his own theory to reconcile science with his god.  He is most certainly an anomaly.  And a controversial character within the scientific community.

But your pastor really had to stretch to find more credible faithful scientists.  Frances Bacon?  Ok.  But that was a long long long time ago. 

To your pastor's credit, he did not cite the "global warming does not exist" scientists, many of whom are Christians waiting for the rapture, and who would understandably not be concerned about the long term welfare of planet earth.

@PP - I couldn't agree more.  I think it weakens our arguments to lump all faithful together.  Not all Christians are Westboro Baptists or young earth lunatics, just as not all Muslims are Taliban-style lunatics. 

Christianity has always evolved, and it will need to continue to evolve if it is going to survive.  As you pointed out, it took quite a few generations and a bit of bloodshed to get the Christian community to accept that the earth revolves around the sun.  I suspect there are very few literate Christians alive today who would contest this fact.  And I think most Christians today believe in some modified evolution-lite, in which god micromanages natural selection to entertain himself or perfect us or do whatever it is that god does.  And I think an increasing number of believers can say that the big bang was how god started the universe.  Generations from now, I suspect, our descendants will be a little baffled my these desperate attempts to reconcile science and faith in this era. 
 1. who has spent a huge percentage of his career in high level, appointed, administrative positions
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