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I let that one get to me and that's my fault. It's just that statement you tore apart, is sensitive material, it left me vulnerable, because it is so personal. I felt that spirit I mentioned at the passing of my cherished loved ones deathbeds and to me for you to make fun of it was disrespectful.

I understand you were just making your point and was not so much aware that I was speaking of the loss of my entire family.

Junebug- Respectfully, there is nothing more painful than the loss of a loved one.  And those of us who have lost loved ones have a lot of triggers that re-ignite the pain at unexpected times. 

I do not doubt the profound impact of the pain that you feel when you think about your loved ones deaths.  But, again respectfully, I cannot help but feel[1] that you are being a bit emotionally manipulative here. 

Let me recap what I saw.  And you tell me if there is something that I am missing here.  Jdawg expressed a concern with your use of the word "know." 

Your use of the words 'opinion' and 'know' is a bit convoluted.  Actually, it's really just the use of the word 'know'...perhaps you mean to say something like:
"Does the body not release the spirit when it passes.  I think it does, I have felt it."
That jives a little better with a "I base my opinion, and that's all it is an opinion" view.

And then you responded with anger.  And then, after receiving what appeared to me to be a genuine apology, you responded as if you had been victimized. 

Now you come to an atheists forum, claim to KNOW stuff, that you admit can be supported only by your testimony, and then when someone calls you on the use of the word "know," and suggests that you are describing your belief or opinion, you act as if you had been attacked? 

I've seen attacks on this forum.  Some of them are pretty ugly and relentless.  Some more subtle.  There is no doubt that you have put up with a lot of folks dissecting your statements and asking you to defend your statements and asking you for evidence, and you have had a surprising amount of stamina.  In all honesty, I think that there were other posters here who came down on you much harder than Jdawg.  I genuinely don't know if the "know" question was really a huge trigger for you, whether his analysis was just the straw that broke the camel's back, or whether you have decided that the death of your loved ones is too taboo to discuss on these forums.  Or whether you just put up with a whole lot of people ganging up on you, (and you have!) and you decided to see if you could evoke some sympathy.  I really don't know.   

And do you mind if I ask a question for clarification? 

Are you offended that there are those of us here who do not consider the "knowledge" that you have of spirits, to be valid facts that cannot be questioned?   

We all have our taboos.  And those of us who have suffered pain have our triggers.  But may I suggest that if there are subjects that are so sensitive to you, (such as the death of a loved one or your understanding of their spirits) it might be best to not bring these subjects up on an atheist forum, where you will certainly encounter people who do not consider your testimony to be satisfactory evidence. 
 1. Feel - not know.  I could be wrong.
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