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I do not believe there is a single member of this forum who does not believe, somewhere in a part of their heart and soul, that God exists. Including you.

Really?  Wow.  MM, do you think that we believe in your god?  Just a little bit?  Do you think that Hindus believe in your god too?  Just a little bit?  Do you believe in Vishnu, just a little bit too?  Or does all of humanity really believe in your god, (just a little bit) even though only a third of humanity identify as Christian?  Do you agree with the premise that that Christians and Jews and Muslims all believe in the same god?  Or is believing in the Jesus resurrection story a necessary component?   Muslims believe in the same creation story as you do, with Adam and Eve and Noah and Abraham and whatnot.  They even believe a virgin named Mary gave birth to a kid she named Jesus, who was a great prophet.  Is that good enough?  Or do you think that the 22% of humanity that ascribes to Islam really believe in the resurrection, but pretend that they don't?   Do you think that isolated tribes in the Brazilian Amazon believe in your god too?  What about people who lived 3000 years ago, let's say, on the American continents or in the Far East? 

I've got to tell you.  I would be delighted to believe. It would be so much easier to believe.  In any of the gods. Your god and harps on clouds in heaven for all of eternity.  Reincarnation, in which my good deeds in this life make me super cool in the next life.  Taking a boat trip to the afterlife, with all of my favorite possessions, like the ancient Egyptians.  Or more images from pop Christianity, in which dead children are little angels, smiling down upon us, and my sweet dead parents are micromanaging the tough days in my life. 

It would be so much easier.  Easier in terms of popular culture and easier to tell my sweet daughter how our dead cat is young and lively and pouncing on little mouse toys in the after life.  Easier to be "accepted" as the good deed doer that I pride myself on being.  Easier to not think about the impact of global warming.  Easier to accept that "there will be poor always" and that I can just give the poor food and pat myself on the back, rather than fighting the roots of poverty and economic marginalization.  Easier, when I have a greedy moment, a selfish moment, an arrogant moment, to just accept that I'm a sinner because Eve ate an apple, rather than take responsibility for my actions. 
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