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Hello Angry Person-

I'm going to go out on a limb here, and guess that you've had a lot of pain in your life.  I'm sorry.  Life is short and precious.  It is my wish that each of us could live fulfilling, productive, joyful lives.  But obviously, that is not the reality.

You obviously care about people's pain.  I think you misunderstood the name of this website.  You see, no one here is mocking amputees.  Or lacking empathy for them.  We are simply pointing out that those who believe in the god of Abraham, have no difficultly believing that he performs his miracles selectively. And you do not even question the fact that there are various miracles that you know your god will never perform.  You might pray for someone to be cured of cancer, and if that person's cancer goes into remission, you can chose to believe that your god answered your prayers.  But surely you would not be silly enough to pray to your god and ask him to grow back an amputee's leg, would you?

Perhaps you would like to join the forum and discuss this with us further.  Or perhaps you could do some volunteer work, and maybe that would help you feel more satisfaction with your life, and maybe even less anger.  Is there a veteran's hospital near you?  That might be a great place to start. 
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