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google "alien anal probe" and you find lots of accounts of that too.

First of all, I want to state publically that I am opposed to all alien abductions, and there is a mounting body of evidence that the resulting anal probes are damaging the moral fabric of our society.  I support any legislation which prohibits these activities.  It may, however, fall in the judicial realm.   

However, back here on planet earth, same sex relationships have existed among humans and animals for all of recorded history.  Human same sex relationships were frowned upon in societies in which procreation essential to the communities' survival, because high infant mortality rates and short life spans kept communities small.  When you imagine the tribal communities described in the OT, who were marginalized minorities, struggling for survival, you can really understand why it was not good for the community to have men coupling off with men, and women coupling off with women.  Repopulating the community was essential. 

But in this era, things are quite different.  We don't have lots of children in hopes that there will be someone to milk our goats and feed us when we get old.  We have the option to become parents, or not to become parents.  And folks who want to be parents, tend to be more attentive involved parents.

I've posted this video many times before, but it is worth posting again.  This kid is so conservative and clean cut.  And, I assume Christian.  But he is a nice kid.  A bright, articulate kid.  And I don't know what you think, moonlight, but he doesn't look too damaged to me. 

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