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Very interesting chart, Shin.  You sure sparked my interest.  So I went and took a little peek at the first item on the chart, Isaiah 40 22.

This is what it says.
He sits enthroned above the circle of the earth, and its people are like grasshoppers. He stretches out the heavens like a canopy, and spreads them out like a tent to live in.   

I grabbed the New International Version.  Not sure if you have a preference, but there are a whole bunch of other translations options there.   They are pretty similar.   http://bible.cc/isaiah/40-22.htm 

It doesn’t say globe.  It says circle.  But you are clearly a pretty worldly guy.  You speak English with native fluency, but your profile says you live in Portugal.  So you know how language works.  Even with two languages as closely related as English and Portuguese cannot translate something exactly.   So who knows what the original translation really said?  Not you.  Not me.  It very well might have said globe.  But none of the translations seem to think that it said globe. 

So your scriptures were translated into English directly from Latin.  And to Latin from Hebrew or Amharic, or whatever the original language was.  And a funny thing happens when you translate something and then translate it again and then translate it again.  Especially, from really different language families. 

So I conducted a little experiment.   I went to this free online translation site.

And out of respect to your country of residency, I translated it into Portuguese first.   My Portuguese isn’t great, but I understand it fairly well.  This looks pretty good to me.

Ele senta-se entronizado acima do círculo da terra, e a sua gente parece-se com gafanhotos. Ele estica os céus como um pálio, e espalha-os como uma tenda para viver em.

Then I translated the Portuguese into Icelandic.  I don’t speak a word of Icelandic, so I can’t say how accurate the translation was. 

Hann situr uppi yfir hring jarðar, og fólk hans er eins og engisprettur. Hann réttir út himininn eins og tjaldhiminn, og dreifist þá eins og tjaldi til að lifa.

Then I translated the Icelandic into Japanese.  Don’t know any Japanese either.  But this is what I got. 

???????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????10???????????????

Then I translated the Japanese back into English, to see how it looked.  And this is what I got. 

He is the earth's circumference is happening on the people, and the grasshoppers.
He is the canopy of the heavens to extend in order to live, and 10 tons of them out.

This is how your Bible works.  It works like a game of whisper down the lane, in which every phrase has been translated and translated and translated, and no one really knows what it meant to say originally.

Of course there are some folks who study the original languages of the scriptures, and probably understand all of this more than we do.  A few of them wrote about this very verse on the webpage that I cited earlier.   One said:

The circle of the earth - Or rather, "above" (?? ?al) the circle of the earth. The word rendered 'circle' (???? chu?g) denotes "a circle, sphere, or arch"; and is applied to the arch or vault of the heavens, in Proverbs 8:27; Job 22:14. The phrase 'circle,' or 'circuit of the earth,' here seems to be used in the same sense as the phrase orbis terrarum by the Latins; not as denoting a sphere, or not as implying that the earth was a globe, but that it was an extended plain surrounded by oceans and mighty waters. The globular form of the earth was then unknown; and the idea is, that God sat above this extended circuit, or circle; and that the vast earth was beneath his feet.
He doesn’t seem to think it is a globe at all.

Another said

It is he that sitteth upon the circle of the earth,.... Or, "the globe (z)" of it; for the earth is spherical or globular: not a flat plain, but round, hung as a ball in the air; here Jehovah sits as the Lord and Sovereign; being the Maker of it, he is above it, orders and directs its motion, and governs all things in it: Kimchi rightly observes, that the heavens are the circle of the earth, which is the centre of them, and around which they are; and so it signifies, that the Lord sits or dwells in the heavens, from whence he beholds the children of men: and the inhabitants thereof are as grasshoppers; or "locusts (a)"; as one upon a very great eminence looking down beholds creatures as exceeding small and little;
Now this guy uses the word “globe” but seems to think the earth is the center of the heavens.

Even the experts can’t agree.  You hang on every word, of this ancient document, translated and translated and translated again, from languages that do not even exist in the same form today.  Do you ever wonder if “He is the canopy of the heavens to extend in order to live, and 10 tons of them out?”

It is possible that your very favorite passages are really just gobbledygook.  And you are basing your whole life on them.
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