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You know, each of us has had a unique set of life experiences, and my life experiences and personal relationships have not been like hers.  But I think that women, especially young women, benefit from hearing a wide range of perspectives and a wide range of personal experiences. 

I love hearing women talk about sex.  Good sex.  Bad sex.  Unfulfilled desires.  Been there, done that.  Sex in the context of relationships and sex just for the sake of sex.  Sexual hopes.  Sexual regrets.  Personal turn ons and turn offs and quirks.  Conquests and failures and fantasies fulfilled.

Men tend to dominate most of society's discussion on sex, and much of the discussion fails to create a portrait of a reality that I am familiar with. (Actually, a whole lot of what men say about women's sexuality leaves me shaking my head.)  But women's honest voices, even if they do not portray a reality that I am familiar with, are always a welcome contribution to our understanding of ourselves as sexual beings.

I loved it. 

Thanks for sharing. 
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