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Why has no one taken up the cause for dispossessed Palestinian property owners, in an attempt to redress their legitimate claims? 

Say what?

Perhaps you are unfamiliar with the Oslo Accords?  The Madrid Conference?  Even that Camp David Summit.  The Arab Peace Initiative?  Road Map to Peace?

There are even significant efforts within Israel to create reforms.  A significant percentage of both Israeli Jews and Palestinians are opposed to the settlements and the semi-apartheid system.[1]  A few years back at a conference, I was really surprised and delighted to see an Israeli/Bedouin organization dedicated to addressing the issues facing the Bedouin population, and presenters at the conference included both Israeli Jews and Bedouins who have worked together to address the unique issues of the depletion of available land for a traditionally nomadic people. 

There have been numerous efforts, and there continue to be many thousands of people, both within Israel and among members of international communities who are dedicated to attempting to find a resolution to this huge and complex issue. 

The big answer is that the Palestinians have been used as pawns by their Arab benefactors.  The Syrians, the Saudis, and the Iranians don't want to make sure homeowners are compensated for the loss of their property (many fled, abandoning their homes and chose refugee camps instead).  They want the Palestinians as a people kept in a state of flux, so they can keep demanding that Israel be dissolved. 

Respectfully, this is the silliest conspiracy theory stuff that I have heard yet on the topic.  Are there extraterrestrials who have a vested interest as well? 

....and the inhabitants of the Falklands were British, not Argentinian.  Forget the nations' claims:  The people there did not want to be 'returned' to what they saw as foreign rule.  Both arguments were settled by force.  Kuwait was denied to Iraq, and the Falklands still remain free of Argentina. 

Wow.  Don't even know what to do with that one.  The vast majority of the inhabitants of Argentina are of European descent.  You want to argue for the right of the British Crown to hold on to little tiny territories on the other side of the planet, as dusty trophies of their long-ago imperialist ventures.  That is a really different discussion.   

 1. Please look at the video that I posted earlier
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