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Speaking of the ex-wife, Wayne...and I think at one point early on you referred to her as "one of my ex-wives"...It has been brought up by me and a few others that this history doesn't quite gibe with your insistence that only by keeping prayer in schools, etc, can we hope to eliminate all sorts of evils such as divorce.

How is it that such a fervent Christian as yourself seems to have failed at least twice on this front?

My wives divorced me.  I stayed single for ten years without dating after my second so as not to confuse my daughter. My daughter it could be said, matched me up with my present wife. I must have been a catch because both exs have never remarried.  If you want a little more insight look here.  http://tinyurl.com/JRoyMoore

Respectfully, Wayne, has it occurred to you that they both divorced you because they were unhappy being married to you?  And that perhaps they were so unhappy, that they decided to never risk marriage again?

Just a possibility to consider.

Or maybe one, (or both of them), really just don't have that much interest in men.   

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