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If there were only a hell for this man to rot in.....

Seriously.  I know a lot of kids being raised in gay and lesbian households.  I know them both through my adoptive parents' networks, and from just around my very family oriented, very gay friendly neighborhood.  I think that there were three kids in my daughter's preschool class with gay parents. 

Parents who really really really wanted to be parents. 

Parents who got their kids into the best preschool in the community.  Parents whose weekends are filled with trips to zoos and museums and theatrical events.  Parents who fuss over healthy foods and say no to ice cream more than they say yes.  Parents who sit down every night and help their kids with homework and read Good Night Moon at bedtime.  Parents who grapple with summer plans - weighing the pros and cons of sports based summer camps vs academic based environments.  Parents who are usually older, and more financially stable, whose kids have passports full of stamps from exciting far away places.  Parents who shuttle their kids between ballet class and soccer practice and parents whose children's art is displayed in the windows of local businesses.  Parents who stand around cocktail parties discussing the best pediatricians in the community, and the pros and cons of taking antibiotics before it is confirmed if an infection is bacterial or viral.  Parents who worry about too much "screen time" and parents who worry about pesticides and parents who ensure that their kids know how to swim and ride a bike and ice skate. 

Parents who really want to be parents are parents who work really hard at being parents and are really happy to be parents and who fill their homes with love and support and opportunities.

Parents who teach their children to marginalize other children, and who teach their children to fear or disdain children in different kinds of families - those are the parents whose parenting ability I question. 
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