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I think I am still kind of bruised by MM's explanation earlier today (or yesterday, depending on your timezone) to my question about why, if there is a god, he had not made himself apparent to me.

And the explanation was that sin separates us from god. 

Fuck that.

I strive to live an extraordinarily moral life.  I don't lie.  I don't steal.  I seriously think about the impact that my actions will have on others.  I try to allow empathy to drive my actions, and I strive to treat everyone with respect, kindness and generosity.  I've never harmed another human being.  Or another living being, except for an occasional cockroach and sometimes I eat seafood.  I've worked my entire life fighting against poverty, and economic and social marginalization, and illiteracy.  I've supported and advocated for individuals who needed safety or justice, and I've worked for policies that promoted safety and justice for everyone. 

And this slimebag stood on a pulpit and told everyone else that they were sinners while his wife was raising his kids and he was banging the kids in his congregation? 

And the god of Abraham reached out and spoke to him, but MY SIN is keeping that same god from making an effort to reach out to me? 

And this is a god, who can't get close to me because of all of my sins, (but can get close to this sleeze) is worthy of my worship? 

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