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Well ok here's another, I have what's called fibromyalgia and mine is the worst in my back and neck but goes everywhere in my body to my legs and arms and toes and hands. Torwards the beginning I went through tons of doctors and specialist and they all told me it was something different untill a rheumatologist finally got it right. But they all put me on pain killers and for a while I was addicted to them. I've been of them for some time now and feel better off of them, of course I still have my bad days as well. But there were many times that I was ready to throw the towel in and give up, I was asking God why, why me and why now so early in life? But I started to realize soon what he was doing with all this in my life and how he was teaching me through it. I started then to pray for God to give me strength in this and to help me with my pain. Starting then and still to this day I do that and every time I say that prayer to him instantly after I feel relief in the pain and it eases up. This is another incident that happened and still goes on that builds my faith, it isn't just one of any of these so you can't call them each a coincidence because because of the number of them and they all back each other up. If it were not for all the different aspects that have built my faith and belief he would not be as real as he is to me and I wouldn't believe. I will post another here tonight at some time.

First of all, I am really sorry that you are facing such pain so young in life.  I had no idea that fibromyalgia affected people so young.

Listen, pain management is a complex issue, and a very personal issue.  I would argue that your act of prayer taps into some part of your brain, and you enter a calmer or meditative state as a result of your own actions.  But if it is working for you and you are able to function, I would certainly not try and talk you out of a pain management technique that works. 

But I would like to tell you a story. 

My beloved father suffered from a progressive form of arthritis that hit him fairly young.  He walked with a cane by the time he was in his 30's, and suffered very real pain.  My dad was an atheist, and he had no god to help him.  So he helped himself.  I would watch him sometimes, put himself into a sort of meditative state. 

I also noticed that when he was in a museum, or when he was walking somewhere he really wanted to walk, his pain diminished.  He would walk long and far, and it was clear that he was able to block out the pain.  But when my mom dragged him to the mall, he could not last a half hour.

He wasn't faking at the mall.  It was real.  But when he was in a situation that was unpleasant to him, and it required walking, walking was very difficult. 

You have learned to do a set of tricks on your brain to shut down some of the pain.  I hope that you continue to learn more ways to manage the pain.  But mostly I hope a better treatment is discovered, (by scientists and researchers) sooner rather than later, that will relieve the symptoms. 
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