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We've been over this.

You know Joe, when you disagree with data that is presented to you, you’ve got a tendency to declare “we’ve been over this” and then restate your position, while entirely ignoring the data.  It is an irritating argumentation style because you consistently dismiss arguments or data that conflicts with your worldview, and then just restate your opinion and bulldoze forward as if it were fact.     

In this case, however, it is blatantly not true.  We have not “been over this” before.  I have not seen you post a single response to the content of Harvard study entitled  Pessimism about Pedophilia, that I posted on Friday.  I suspect that you haven’t read it.  But you clearly believe that you are in a position to state:

That study is garbage, the writers even acknowledge the massive holes in their data. Their study is bad and they should feel bad.

You want to make the researchers “feel bad” Joe?  Really?  Ok then. 
Perhaps you are confusing the Pessimism about Pedophilia article with a different article I posted a few months back, published in the Harvard Medical Journal, on a topic pertaining to relationship between pornography and child abuse.  You dismissed the study by linking an unpublished article that some economics professor had written on the topic, and declared victory.  You see Joe, I do you the courtesy of reading the articles you link. 

But all of this running around in circles distracts from the questions that are of real importance.  Joe, you have said repeatedly that pedophiles can and do control their urges.  And yet inconceivably high numbers of children continue to be raped and sexually abused on a global level. 

Your suggestions so far, to address this problem have included 1) Increasing access to child pornography, so that potential abusers can watch children being abused, and hopefully the act of viewing the rapes will have the effect of quenching, rather than amplifying their sexual desires, and 2) Lowering the legal age of consent so that children who want sex can have it without endangering their adult partners. 

As a father, who has done such extensive research on this topic that you can laugh at the inaccuracies in studies conducted by Harvard and the Mayo Clinic, is that the best you can offer? 

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