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I am really losing patience with this discussion comparing the “orientation” of pedophilia with the orientation of homosexuality. 

Thank you! That is what i was trying to say.

Woah, deja-vu.

With respect to the "pedophile vs gay" comparison in general - an adult man is considered responsible for his own actions; he can legally consent to sex.

We all know that. This has been repeated and addressed about eleventy billion times now.

Homosexuality and pedophilia are similar in that they are both involuntary sexual attractions. The subject did not choose to have those feelings. Do I seriously even have to continue explaining that? I feel like that should be a known fact at this point in the discussion.


If you would like to continue using the “orientation argument,” and continue to draw parallels between homosexuality and pedophilia, (with the caveat that pedophiles just have to go through life repressing their sexual urges) then you need to address the fact that there is ample evidence that a significant percentage of people who try to repress their sexual urges fail to be successful in doing so, and in the case of pedophilia, children are irreparably damaged. 

The Harvard Medical School article which I cited earlier, entitled “Pessimism about Pedophilia,” states that “Several reports have concluded that most people with pedophilic tendencies eventually act on their sexual urges in some way.”  http://www.health.harvard.edu/newsletters/Harvard_Mental_Health_Letter/2010/July/pessimism-about-pedophilia You can disagree with the studies they compiled, and I certainly can’t speak to the methodologies used in those studies.  But I also cited well-known examples of groups of people with an invested interest in repressing their “sexual orientation” including supposedly celibate priests accused of, or convicted of child sexual abuse, and fundamentalist religious leaders and right wing politicians with an invested interest in repressing their homosexual tendencies, who failed to successfully repress those urges and fell into career-ending scandals as a result. 

Do you dispute these realities as well, Joe?

Your opinions also diverge from those of the mainstream medical community (who classify certain categories of convicted child abusers as having an “orientation” for pedophilia) in terms of classifying this orientation.  The mainstream medical community considers those born with this difference in their brains as having a mental illness. 

Furthermore, you completely dismiss the evidence which I cited that demonstrates that changes in the brain, such as tumors, chemical and surgical interventions, and other changes to the brain, can in fact turn on or turn off urges related to pedophilia.  http://whywontgodhealamputees.com/forums/index.php/topic,22752.msg515249.html#msg515249

Joe, you are really hard on the theists who come here and cherry pick from science and scriptures to create a hybrid world view that supports what they want to believe.  Perhaps you should examine your own tendency to cherry pick from science and porn apologists to create a hybrid world view that supports what you want to believe. 
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