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First of all, I cannot verbalize how offended I am by a discussion of female sexuality (on a mixed gender forum), in which women are informed by a forum member, that we are prohibited from participating.  And that is probably why I responded as harshly as I did.  I usually use more diplomatic language.

And joe, I understand that you are angry that I did not submit to your demand that I (and other people of my gender, and gay men, and perhaps bisexual men) refrain from commenting on your photo. 

And I also understand that you are insulted that I did not give you the positive feedback about your work that you were clearly soliciting.  Perhaps I should have held my tongue, as I have done on other occasions in which you presented photos of women in submissive, contorted poses on this forum.  But I am afraid that I really do not like you photos of women, and this time I just didn’t hold back.

I must say that you do have an excellent eye for lighting, and clearly strong technical skills.  But I find your photos to be caricatures of women that are meant to capture women’s sexuality, but which, in my subjective opinion, miss the mark.  When I look at this photo, it feels contrived and false.  I cannot imagine any woman who, in a sexy moment, would want to be the young woman in that picture.    And on a certain level, I suspect that you know that.  Which is, I suspect, why you choose to specifically exclude women’s feedback on the photo.

You wrote “Her comments could be extended to almost any photo of an attractive woman in a sexy pose or sexy outfit.”  No.  Trust me.  I’m sure most women, at various times in our lives, have looked at photos of sexy women, and wanted to “be” that sexy woman.  The whole fashion industry is based on the premise that women study photos of sexy women and extract and adapt components of what they consider to be sexy in the photo and incorporate them into their lives. 


In spite of the fact that I have recently been smited for offering “unsolicited” feedback on this thread, I would like to offer some somewhat off-topic, unsolicited female words of wisdom to the heterosexual men (especially the young men) who are not getting laid as much as you would like. 

You have been conditioned to misread women’s sexual cues.  Remember that woman on the barstool a while back?  It seemed to be going really well.  And then you said something “really hot” and she parted her lips and lowered her face just a little and looked up at you?  Maybe she tilted her head a little bit.  Her facial expression and pose was not unlike that of the woman in this photo.  You see, she wasn’t submitting to your awesome manliness.  She was recoiling.  But you didn’t catch it.  You reached over to her or said something even “hotter” and the next thing you know, she was off to the bathroom and then clustered with her girlfriends and avoiding you the rest of the evening.  You’re confused and disappointed and pissed. 

It isn’t really all your fault.  Your whole life you have been bombarded by images of “sexy” women, usually really young women, with a specific set of facial expressions and body language that represent male misconceptions of female sexuality. 


When I have more time to focus, I’ll come back and write a little more about my understanding of pedophilia and innate power imbalances. 
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