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Just for fun... what do you think of this woman? Purely based on her appearance, honestly, do you find her sexually attractive? (Assuming you are a heterosexual, straight male.)

I am not a "heterosexual, straight male" but I have an opinion nonetheless.

I think that she is a very pretty young girl, who is intentionally posed in an unnatural position that contorts her and makes her look powerless.   The pose is designed to make it unclear if she is wearing bathing suit bottoms or not.  She was instructed to part her lips (so as to appear longing) and to lower her face and raise her eyes in a submissive pose.  She is wearing a wet bathing white bathing suit top (which looks suspiciously like a wet training bra) in spite of the fact that her long hair surrounding the suit is dry, adding to the false and contrived nature of the photo.

I think it is a photo that would appeal to the kind of man who wants control over a submissive woman, (or girl, and that is very telling in itself) and has no interest in knowing anything about who she is and what she thinks and what she longs for. 

Her desires (and her real sexuality) are painfully absent from the photo. 
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