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For shits and giggles. Rules:

Between the hours of 5pm and midnight (your own local time obviously), when browsing posts on the forum you need to have an alcoholic drink of your choice every time you come across certain things in a post. There are categories, as follows:

Likely to get absolutely hammered

 - every time Median uses the word 'obfuscate', 'WOW!' or references an ancient philosopher
 -  every time Nam is an asshole
 - every time Wright and OCG are nice 
 - every time you suspect lotanddaughters has just played his own drinking game prior to posting

you may get pleasantly tipsy

 - Anfauglir starts a response with a very British 'quite.'
 -  Add Homonym says something about the apostle Paul
 - Shnozzola posts an interesting link
 - you read bertatberts as bertaberts

You'll be fine to drive

 - mrbiscoop posts more than three sentences.
 - eh!'s punctuation is flawless

Add to the list! 
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