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Suicide is the most selfish action any human can undertake. Think about that, then get back to me. Or don't. Just think about it, regardless.

I have pretty much always shared that perspective.

Recently I have witnessed a suicide happen in front of me, and more recently still seen video footage of the start of a suicide. Very unpleasant, and I've been thinking a bit about suicide generally, about what state of mind somebody must be in to take that step. And I've wondered if 'selfish' is always the right word to use to describe it. I wonder if sometimes people who suicide sometimes don't genuinely believe that their death is the best thing for not only them but others as well.

I'm sure some people suicide fully comprehending that the end of their sadness means the beginning of sadness for many others, and that is definitely a selfish act IMO. But I guess we often don't know what was going through someone's mind in the moments before taking their life, and I am starting to think that suicide should generally be seen as simply tragic without labelling the deceased selfish.
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