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It is so frustrating having discussions like this with Christians b/c it is so easy for them to make-up their own theology to avoid refutation. It's very easy to spin, rationalize, ignore, toss-away, or forget about clear contradictions and irrational beliefs when those beliefs are based upon non-demonstrable, invisible, non-verifiable, alleged 'supernatural' stuff. This is especially frustrating with Christians because they practice confirmation bias (having started with their conclusion first and trying to work backwards). Nearly every religion does this. The tactics are very much the same with nearly all people of this kind (i.e. - the practicers of superstition).

Yeah, whatever. Do you have this post saved somwhere and just paste it in every few days?

How about you address the passage being discussed and show that I am wrong, if that is what you think?

That bold part is the main reason why I am not inclined at this time. You clearly have done exactly what I stated (started with your conclusion, are working backwards towards confirmation, and refuse to view the bible in any other mind-frame than "the infallible Word of God"). This is, by definition, intellectual dishonesty. It shows that you don't care whether or not your beliefs are actually true. You just want to keep believing and confirming/defending. That is the height of hubris. If a Muslim practiced this toward you, how would you feel about it?

Address the passage or piss off. We know how you feel about the bible generally. But a specific passge is being discussed here.
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