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Not surprisingly, we're at an impasse. I'm a Christian. This is an atheist website.

I like a lot of you, a lot. But I won't water down what I believe to be the truth. I believe that when you face God on judgement day you will be forever removed from His presence. I believe that will indeed be eternal Hell. I don't like to say it, i don't like to think about it. But I won't pretend that isn't what the bible teaches, and the bible is the word of God, I am convinced of it. I can't make you believe it and I won't try anymore.

Please...don't be one of those to whom Jesus will say "I never knew you".

If only I had the balls to say that more often to the people I know and love in real life, like my brother, sister, best friend at work.

I just ask that you don't ignore any tugging at your heart you might feel. Don't brush it off as wishful thinking. Seek God.

Your friend,


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