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What this preacher did is awful, and it's easy to imagine God being angry about it.

Its not so easy to imagine God being angry about the things we consider minor transgressions, and of course I understand the indignation many feel at the idea they are somehow 'not good enough for God'.

I think ultimately, even for those who believe God is real, it is very hard to believe that God simply cannot live with sin. Sin, ultimately, is breaking God's commands. Any of them. The very idea pisses us off - because we are born sinful. We can't avoid it. It's a curse.

We understand the concept of 'wrongdoing requires punsishment', and we are outraged at the thought of people going unpunished and 'justice' not being done.

But  - we want to be the ones who decide what justice is. We want to be the ones who determine what does and doesn't fly, what should and shouldn't be punsished. But we can't be. God says he is the one and only, and God says he will punish those who break his commands.

Wanting to be the ones who determine what is and isn't allowed, whether we do this on an individual level or as part of a society, is an offence against God, because it removes God from His rightful place and replaces Him with us - His creation, His children. Its been a rebellion against Him from the very first.

Let me enlighten you with a list of my own personal offences against God in, say, the last week:

* Pride and conceit. In just about everything I do I hope that i come out of it looking good

* Laziness. I don't work as hard as I should at any aspect of my life, be it work, being a parent, being a husband, being a friend, helping those in need.

* Theft. When I don't work hard I rob my employer of what should be their time.

* Dishonesty. Half -truths, not telling the whole story, putting a better shine on things that what is reality.

* Lust. Allowing my mind to form ideas of how the hot girl I saw would look nice naked.

* Anger and intolerance. At my kids, my colleagues, at the person who cut me off in traffic

* Greed. Always wanting more, wanting to be more comfortable

I could go on. And on, and on, and on.

I know you all could, too. And I know that you think most of that stuff is normal, natural, a result of being human. And yes, it is a result of being human, but it isn't good, and God hates it.

It all comes down to "me", and not "God".

We might find it easy to rank our mis-deeds, and I do it also, but God sees our hearts. He sees the blackness which dwells there in our attitudes and thoughts.

This preacher has sinned, many have, he has caused terrible hurt. We have all caused terrible hurt to others.

God has to deal with our sin because of who He is.  He will judge us. And we will come up short, every person who ever lived.

But He also loves us. We're His creation, His children. And so He found a way to satisfy His extreme love for us AND His need for justice. He did it in Jesus.

Jesus came to earth and died on a cross and He did it to satisfy God's wrath. Jesus willingly took upon Himself the punishment from God, being separated from God, and He was the only one who could do it becuae he was the only one who could ever live on this earth without sinning

When God looks at me on judgement day, He will see that I know this, and that I have confessed to Him that I needed Jesus. He will see all my mis-deeds but He doesn't need to punish them because Jesus took that punishment for me.

He's taken that punsishment for all who will confess their sin and ask Jesus to save them from God's perfect judgement. And God promises that if we do that, if we humble ourselves and confess that need, He will send the Holy Spirit to guide us in living a life pleasing to Him. It doesn't mean we don't sin, but it certain;y means we fight against it.

I don't know this preachers heart. I don't know if he fights against lust. I only know my heart. And you can only know yours.

You...and God. You won't fool God. God knows whether you have have felt the weight of your sins. He knows whether you shrugged and carried on, telling yourself that you are boss.

Quesi, you soumd like a more moral person than me in many ways. But you're telling God to get fucked with His demand that His will be done, not yours. You want to belive that close enough is good enough. It isn't.

A Christian is someone who knows they're a sinner but is saved from it by God's grace. They will fail, they will get it wrong, but a Christian will fight against doing it next time. And they'll fail. But they'll fight again.

And Jesus has promised that those failures won't be held against you, if you allow Him to do that.

It's God's gift, but you need to accept it. You can do that.


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