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The full book (400 pages)  is with a publisher and in content review.
Obscure text + fantasy prone personality + disregard for scientific processes = world-shattering, paradigm-shifting discovery.

And all that without a shred of evidence to support your claims Beardy. :-)

Go(o)d to see Sensorship and Ignorance are still valued commodities amongst these believing sects and some "open" forums.

Here's the text that Beardy removed/sensored, accompanied by his regal determination.

My response. At least take one simple conclusion about Cyrus the Great and the corruption of Judaism to task to prove your impetuous and unsubstantiated claims. You know examine the evidence.

Careful though, it could knock you of your pedestal, so handle with care. You have been warned.  Fortunately, I don't have your leanings towards unkindness, so don't take the warning to seriously, but do handle it carefully. If the penny should ever drop, it may prove a little awkward. That too will pass, apparently. All go(o)d.

2 Jesus said, "Those who seek should not stop seeking until they find. When they find, they will be disturbed. When they are disturbed, they will marvel, and will reign over all. [And after they have reigned they will rest.]"


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