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My theories not proven yet. I'm hoping to go to print in September. So forgive me for talking as if its fact. It saves on text.

In the Dead Sea Scrolls there is mention of a Righteous Teacher, a wicked priest and a liar. I hold that this Righteous Teacher is Jesus. I also believe that this title was handed down to his brother James the Just.

The Gospel of Thomas is a collection of the authentic Jesus sayings. These sayings emerged from the Qumran Community and this righteous teacher. Of themselves they are spiritually authentic, in my opinion. 60/114 where used by Emperor Nerva to create the Gospels that have become a foundation of the Bible. Nerva also orchestrated the works of Josephus Flavian. Further Nerva was also responsible for discovering the Corruption by the Pharisees in their attempts to recover Jews who drifted across to the teachings of this righteous teacher. This discovery was the trigger for the Great Fire incident the deaths  of a significant number of key "christian bishops" . Although Rome saw them as just another Jewish Sect rather than Christians. Nerva created Roman christianity. It's also Nerva who gave us the Jesus miracle stories. You won't find Paul talking about a Jesus miracle in his letters.

The Qumran Community were Essenes (Also known as Nazareans who practiced the OT Nazarite traditions). Nerva created the Nazareth Story to hide this and other connections.
When these sayings were discovered in 1945 (at least 1700 year sold and real). Rome was quick to align the Gospel of Thomas to the "other" Gnostic traditions. If you look at it it bears no resemblance. In fact its one of the few authentically knowing pieces. The other material is related to a guy called Valentinius and has ties that go way back to the Pharisees and Cyrus the Greats original actions that started this whole affair and empires seedy use of religion for powers gain. 

Valentinius has a connection to this guy called Theudas who meets his fate around 44-46AD. The same time that Agrippa I, another not so Great ruler, meets his death for being suspect of crossing  Claudius the guy he helped to get Caligula's Position.

Paul/Saul/Saulus was just another Pharisee zealot with possible family connections to Agrippa the Great. He was enlisted with Mark and Barnabas to coach the Jews that drifted across to the "Jesus" teachings. They originally used an oral tradition, something that was the Pharisee form, to sway them back to a corrupted Jesus teaching that  looked awfully similar to Pharisaic Judaism (Cyrus inspired). Around 51AD Claudius or Rome insisted that Paul/Sauls teachings be come written. Claudius was in on this Corruption to regain the lost Jews to Pharisaic Judaism .

As before Nero through Nerva learned about this corruption, and its this discovery that created Roman Christianity. 

Anyway here's a summary if you're interested. Let me know if you find any gaps or weaknesses, only a month to publishing of the full story.

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