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Quote from: eartheconomyspirit
I did it's in the link
No you haven't you have only cited a document that was written 150 years after the fact. it is not a recording of history, it is a recording of what someone may have thought happened, you said you had historical records supply them thank you. I want to see contemporaneous historical records, not someone's (nearly two centuries later) opinion.

Did you go to the web link and if so are you saying that I haven't provided a reference to a specific point you wish to challenge. If so, my bad, the summary doesn't have the links that the main book has.  Let me know what  your challenge is and I'll get the reference. might I suggest to make this quick a possible for you., you start with my claims that Judaism was corrupted by Cyrus the Great and that proof exists to support a further claim that the prophecies of the Book of Isaiah were made up.

If you haven't visited the link, what can I say. Don't worry be happy  :-)
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