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"Was determined to..."?  Jesus Christ on a stick, Gill, I just explained to you - and you quoted it! - that under determinism, the universe isn't consciously determining anything.  I am determined to be ready for my glacial geology exam Wednesday night.  That's a statement that's only meaningful when talking about the state of a conscious mind.  You're using it to describe something in your critique[1] of determinism that, under determinism, isn't conscious in any way.  And again, that's just dumb.  Or dishonest.  Take your pick.
 1. I use the term loosely

Well if you believe that YOU are determined to be ready for the exam, then you agree with me, you have free-will.   Since, in strict determinism, it's meaningless to attribute anything to one's 'self',  the self is imaginary,  external forces control everything, at least that's my interpretation of determinism, and I don't think I'm crazy to think that.

You'd say it's free-will.  But that's because, as you've demonstrated in the post I just responded to, you have very little understanding of what you're talking about.

I do know what I'm talking about.  So maybe we have different ideas about these concepts.   They're very philosophical in nature, so of course there's going to be some miscommunication, I don't see why you feel the need to jump to the conclusion that I'm just trying to mess around or purposefully argue silly ideas, I'm not.

If you think they're silly, that's fine,  that's why I'm posting them, to bounce the ideas off others, and get some other opinions. 
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