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heh.   Maybe I could state it another way.   Why would the universe "create itself", as so many atheists believe, to be completely deterministic, if those deterministic laws evolve beings with the capacity to question the validity of the universes own nature? 

Because the universe didn't "create itself" and is not completely deterministic.

The universe didn't create itself, as you believe that we believe. For the universe to create itself, it would require that it be sentient.

Alright.  Let me try to state things different.   If the laws of physics, are in complete control of everything.  The laws are the 'creative force', so-to-speak of people.    Yet, the laws created beings which evolved the capacity to question the validity of the laws themselves.   So then the laws, evolved something which undermines the laws themselves.   Why would a law exist to create beings which question the law? 

 Makes no sense.  The laws don't determine everything, it's people's conscious awareness, and free-choices, that determines many things.
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