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So much for welcoming thoughtful debate! maybe I should have just hurled all the insults back instead.
I'll leave you fine folks to agree with each other in peace!
We do welcome thoughtful debate. You don't provide any. You have twisted words, distorted meanings, repeatedly ignored people and posts which are a part of us trying to have a debate with you. You imagine that because you don't yell or use expletives that we won't see that you are being rude and insulting. You make yourself look like a Poe getting off on jerking us around or one of the slimiest, ignorant gits ever to show up here (in my time here).

You claim to be willing to "debate". Show us.
1) You will provide proof that atheism is a belief or never call it one again.
2) You will respond to those who respond to you.
3) You will use dictionary definitions of words - not your version of what they mean. And using rare or archaic meanings is not kosher if a more common word is available.
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