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I call the Intelligent Designer God.  When I say that the idea has been around longer than the bible, it is gods I was speaking of. 
This was very evasive. Trying to retcon[1] what you meant when you were clear the first time around – because you didn't like being told you were wrong. You repeatedly insisted that you only refer to the creator as 'God' and have never before (in this thread) said "Intelligent Designer". Now, I could gather quotes from you proving you wrong here[2]. But I don't feel like wasting all that time since you will try to weasel out of the facts. So, you get to prove you meant 'God' every time you referenced ID (Intelligent Design - not the Designer) being around before the bible. You won't be able to – you will only find that your own words prove you wrong. OR you can show that you are worth talking to by apologizing and admit you were wrong.

My guess is that you won't do either one. Instead you will give me an unjustified smite[3] and make irrelevant claims.
 1. definition from Dictionary . com [short for `retroactive continuity']
1. n. The common situation in pulp fiction (esp. comics or soap operas) where a new story `reveals' things about events in previous stories, usually leaving the `facts' the same (thus preserving continuity) while completely changing their interpretation. For example, revealing that a whole season of "Dallas" was a dream was a retcon.
 2. Claiming that you meant 'gods' when every time you implied if not directly stated that you meant ID "theory".
 3. Nam can be strident at times but you've been giving him smites like they were cookies at their expiration date and you were a cookie factory trying to unload them.
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