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I believe in Intelligent Design.  The authors of the bible, though presumably wrong, thought up Intelligent Design before the bible was written, so it is possible to believe in God w/o the bible. 
It was proven in a court of law – which means rigorous proof – that Intelligent Design is a only slightly modified version of Creationism.
Wiki article on the Dover case
Multiple versions for how the universe came to be been proposed. Some have been created to match the facts (Big Bang) more than others (pretty much everything else). I will grant that ID has been altered to more closely coincide with what has been discovered about the history of the universe. But you need to understand that most atheists know the origin of ID (as modified Creationism) and so view it as Xian.

It is possible that Jesus was real.  In the chance that is true I will not dishonor him.  IMO, we are all God's children.
The only source for information about Jesus is the New Testament of the Bible. It is these two facts (your belief in ID & Jesus) which make people say that your belief comes from the Bible. The only source for the material underlying those portions of your belief comes from the Bible. So it does not appear to be a lie to say that your belief comes from the Bible as uncomfortable as that makes you feel.

But your refutation of that says to me that you have a strong spiritual sense/need so you are trying to find a satisfactory solution. And from Jag's post it seems that I'm not the only one who sees that in your writing. IMO there are no good solutions but there are a few moderate ones. (As well as plenty of bad ones.) I was going to ask if you had checked out Buddhism or other more philosophical routes then I saw a later post by you where you mention Buddhism.

Back to the topic, somewhat. From what I have seen, there are no Christians who follow the Old Testament. Those who refer to themselves as "Christian" but follow the Old Testament are nasty vile people who I use "Xian" for when referring to them.

I would like to see a public campaign which drives home the idea that the Old Testament is only for Jews (who seem to know how to follow it without becoming raving idiots en mass), that Christians only follow the New Testament, and that Mormons only follow the Book of Mormon (although AFAIK they mostly do that anyway). I am fairly sure that pretty much every Christian and Xian who looks down on Mormons does not see the irony or hypocrisy – that they are to Jews what the Mormons are to them.

Is the Bible full of crap? Yes with the New Testament having a dash more compassion even if it is no less vile. But what "holy" book isn't?

I would like to suggest, junebug72, that until you find something else to point to as your spiritual inspiration (a single source people can easily grasp) and drop all references to Jesus, you might want to only condemn the Old Testament. Otherwise you will continue to get people questioning you on how you can hold such self-contradictory beliefs. Some on this site see any spirituality as a bad thing (and too often they are right) so the subtleties of your beliefs will be overlooked deliberately by some. Others of us (including me sometimes) will overlook them unintentionally. So I would also like to suggest if my speculations are correct that you: embrace the term SPAG (Self Projection As God), only refer to the writings about Jesus as inspirational, drop "God" & ID and instead say "Creator" and refer to a creation event billions of years ago. Obviously only if that is what you believe but the point is that terminology matters to some of us – mainly because using the most accurate words leads to fewer misunderstandings.
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