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While much of this post seems to be directed at me, your strange style and lack of any quotes or other indicators combined with things that do not apply to my post, makes me unsure but suspecting that this was directed towards others too.

In business, before you do a certain business, there are alot of belief involved, you believe first you can do it, you believe in your plan, you believe in your partners, you believe you will earn, why? Because you havent started yet. If one says he has a business he doesnt believe in, he is probably making a false claim, why? because you wont do it if you dont believe you can. So everything starts with belief in that aspect.
Here you appear to be using belief as a substitute for the word confidence. Hopefully you do know the difference between the two but given the rest of your post, I'm not sure.

Anyways, Thats the reason why I say there are no real Atheists, simply Skeptics as to whether a god exists or not. 
Whatever you think the meaning of the word "atheist" is, you are wrong.
Atheists = "Skeptics as to whether a god exists or not"

"Why do you keep on the standards that are standardized under the laws directly connected to the belief in the entity you dont believe?"
Without the belief in a God or in a Diety, people wont be the same. Everything would probably be in chaos. I myself would have killed so many people who were gravely at fault with me, if i didnt believe that there is unbearable punishment waiting for me if i do that besides imprisonment, prison is bearable. How Come? Coz there would be no difference between good and bad, one would be doing only acts of self preservation. There wont be any morals, like not doing to your kid what you do to your wife at night.   
Well, then I guess it's a good thing you're a believer since you confess to being a despicable person who can't manage to behave himself without someone watching over you. I can follow the law (which is NOT directly or indirectly connected to one or more gods) so I don't need religion. Curiously the facts show you to be wrong about this also: a disproportionately small percentage of atheists are in jail. If you were right about things descending into chaos without god then a disproportionately LARGE percentage of atheists would be in jail.

I said the guy "was able to come up with a fusion reactor". I wonder where you get the word "Self-Sustaining", I didnt say that.
Anyways, fusion reactors now can already be made at home, you can make one if you want.
A Kid did: Here's The Link 
First, I fixed the link so the one in the quote works. Secondly, you either didn't read the article you linked to or didn't understand it. Third, achieving a fusion reaction has been done, yes, but unless it is self-sustaining it is useless as a power source which is the whole point of developing it.

About the verses in the bible that someone has Seen God ...
I don't believe the bible is anything more than a mix of oral history and myth, mainly myth. I was simply refuting your false claim. Instead of trying to refute my refutation you cast doubt on the bible. Frankly, I'm fine with doubt being cast on the bible. Your mistake.

About the marriage, thanks for affirming what i said Mr. Samothec. The spouse "Believes" that the one he or she will marry is a good partner. Thats the point, believe first then you will see. If you dont believe, then you wont marry the person, therefore you wont see if he or she is worth marrying. Right?
Wrong. You were presenting the marriage thing as support for the idea that belief is a good thing. My statements show you to be wrong - that belief is often a bad thing. Two people should get to know each other and if they are compatible then get married.

On Demonstrable Things
If one says God doesnt exist because he isnt Demonstrable, kindly demonstrate to me "Imagination" "Future" "Belief" "Love" "Intellect" "Knowledge" "Fate" "Destiny" among many other things.
I imagine that in the future you will demonstrate your lack of knowledge and love of belief by claiming more wrong things. Your fate, or destiny, here will be to have a smite count equal to or greater than half your post count, even if in the future you last past 200 posts. I won't use the term "intellect" the way I want to because it would just be a direct insult.

I think it's good that you went with the name "Own Logic" since you don't use real logic - you use your own version of "logic".
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