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Day 1 after landfall
We have been surprised by the fish we see dead all over the drying ground. The hills were the first places to dry and show a dusting of white on them – salt. Will this be enough to prevent our crops from growing? Although we have a bigger problem as we are out of food from the ark and all the drowned plants are just rotting vegetation. Almost none of the [herbivores] can eat what we have plenty of. And it stinks everywhere. If not rotting plants then of rotting fish.

Day 4 after landfall
The [herbivores] that can't eat the rotting vegetation have starved to death. Well, those that weren't already caught by the [carnivores]. A few animals are just barely surviving but it is easy to see the [carnivores] will have soon eaten all the [herbivores]. Not that they've waited to start eating the [omnivores] and smaller [carnivores]. Except for the [dog-kind] and [big-cat-kind] there are no pairs of animals left except for the [carrion-bird-kind]. Not even those we had seven of.

Day 6 after landfall
We were forced to kill the last of the animals – [big-cat-kind] – for self preservation. My eldest son saw one of the [rodent-kind] scurrying around but that is the only animal. I dread tomorrow. How can we give thanks to [god] when all is dead?

Day 10 after landfall
Caught and killed the last of the [carrion-bird-kind] this afternoon. That was the last of the meat. This morning my youngest son tried eating the rotting fish while his wife tried eating the rotting vegetation and both have been violently ill since. We have nothing left to eat.

Day 12 after landfall
We buried both my youngest son and his wife today. We are starving. I had terrible thoughts about what to eat then begged [god]'s forgiveness for such thoughts.

Day 14 after landfall
Today we prayed and begged [god] for guidance and food. I will not write of the thoughts that came to mind for they must have been from [god's adversary].

Day 40 after landfall
There is nothing more for me to eat. Neither [god] nor [god's adversary] responds to my prayers, pleas or begging. Unless the world miraculously springs anew from my corpse, this is the end.
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