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Approximately 40-50%[3] of the male population might, under some conditions, engage in homosexual acts but only a much smaller percentage will continue those acts throughout their lives.
This is what I meant by saying that homosexuality is sometimes infectious. They engage under some conditions, they have pleasant experience (get infected, like infected with enthusiasm) and will continue. They may stay straight (http://www.straightguise.com/default.asp?id=1288) but anyway, will be engaged in homosexual activity.

No, you don't understand. Everyone is assumed to be straight from birth and subtly taught that. So some gays and bisexuals don't understand they are gay or bisexual until they have an experience and learn something about themself. It is not at all infectious.
Also, no one who has had gay sex is straight; they are bisexual or gay. Those who "go back to being straight" are bisexuals who prefer women or bisexuals who are afraid of being thought of as gay. Just as there are no gay men who have sex with women - they are bisexuals who prefer men.
But these statements are made using logical and consistant definitions. Your usage may vary.

The straightguise website contains some rather stupid and/or repulsive material. If you read it thinking it was realistic, that would help explain why you don't understand what we are discussing here.

As for the seducing-a-straight-man fantasy: there are two main types of this. One is those who want a str8-acting gay/bi man. The other is an interest in someone actually straight - and thus unattainable - so that the person who has the fantasy will not have their desire fulfilled; they probably have a self-esteem issue and are lusting after someone they can't have to frustrate themself.

Pointing out a sole exception who claims his lesbian mothers messed him up (in spite of a missing father and him not feeling abused while growing up) really does not support your contention that LGBT parents are bad at parenting. In fact it says pretty much the opposite.

I like this statement: "While I was a child and a teenager, I had absolutely no notion of all that and I naturally adored the two women who raised me alone and with courage. But I did not pose questions about the nature of their relationship,which I therefore did not figure out." This is actually what I meant by saying "exposed to deviant behavior". It's difficult to put into words, he did it rather well.
I find your mental processes to be very deviant if you read into his quote that he is saying he was exposed to deviant behavior. A normal person would not make that wild leap. What he did say is that he had a decent and normal childhood and adolescence. The real question is when did he begin to start thinking his parents weren't decent and normal: did someone get into his head later in life and screw him up? That is the logical result of reading his statements carefully.

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