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I think Quesi hit the nail on the head - Ozgirl wants certainty. Although her passion for trying to rip apart the "evos" speaks to some sort of anger issues also - possibly misdirected?

From something she wrote, I had an epiphany. Bold mine.
Quote from: Ozgirl
The algorithms that evolutionary researchers use are based on what they think and is tied to a fossil record that they think is this or that, based on faith alone.

I finally understand why theists use this phrase and think this way. To theists "based on faith alone" means not based on facts. And they do not sufficiently understand science to realize that it is an ongoing accumulation of knowledge, theories (explanations), and hypotheses (ideas to explore). Since it is ongoing, part of it does use estimations – sometimes even questimations – until more facts are available.

So, even to theists, faith is the opposite of fact. And this thinking is proven every time they claim evolution or atheism is a religion; they don't see either as factual so it must be faith.
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