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About the garden of eden
Yes.  At that time, one only had to think and it was so.  Spirit ruled the material.
There was no death at that time.
Not true according to scripture. God warns Adam he will die if he eats from the tree. The warning is meaningless gibberish if death does not already happen.

"Do not eat from the tree at the center of the garden or you will barglewop." G
"Um, barglewop? What does that mean?" A
"When you are barglewop, you no longer move and eat and breath." G
"So, sleep." A
"No, barglewop. With sleep you do breath and eventually wake up. When you are barglewop you never get up again." G
"Why would I never get up again?" A
"Because you would no longer live." G
"But I do live. How would I not live? Will I be happy not-living?" A
"No, you will be barglewop and your snitfong will go to Antpharm." G
"Where is Antpharm? Is it a nice place? What is my snitfong? Why would only part of me go to Antpharm?" pauses then asks, "Is my snitfong my penis when it is hard? And is Antpharm Eve's –" A

Nothing we've found even hints that matter can be coaxed into biological activity.   Even water is lethal if not in the correct dosage.  The creation of life is a very very delicate balance of millions of factors.  It all points to intelligence as the source. 
I can't be persuaded away from intelligent design because intelligence gets things done, and stupid produces nothing.
By your 'logic' that means plants are intelligent? They grow and reproduce but if they have no intelligence they couldn't do that? Or was that just very badly stated?

So no matter exists in a life form? What are we made of then?

Biological activity is at its basis chemical activity and matter does interact chemically. I thought they would have covered this at your school too. Oh, just so you know, chemistry at its basis is physics.

This relates to an issue that I think contributes to people like SW failing to grasp how the universe works. In our (American and wherever SW grew up) schools we teach the sciences as different subjects – biology, chemistry, physics, etc – but we never really teach how they are all interconnected. So a true understanding does not occur for many people. They don't see that you can't deny evolution without denying the rest of science upon which our technology works. Yes, a few have so they seek to corrupt the teaching of science in general – mainly the YEC who depend upon the lack of understanding to sell their crap product.

Expanding upon wheels5894 point about odds and coincidence. If there is a 1 in a billion chance how rare is that? A crucial unspoken aspect is the time frame. A 1 in a billion chance over how long a time? A century? A decade? A month? A day? If the event is 1:1,000,000,000 chance each day per person then it will happen on average 7 times today and every day. So what sounds rare isn't really. Now, 1:1,000,000,000 chance each decade per person means an average of 7 times in this decade. A rare event but happening close to once per year worldwide.

So, if abiogenesis has a 1:100 trillion chance to happen – per when? Per lightning strike (if that is how it happened)? Well there are many tens of thousands per year[1]. If I call it 100,000 per year then abiogenesis has a 1:1 billion chance of happening per year. So after 1 billion years abiogenesis is not guaranteed to happen but is extremely likely.

If it was instead a chemical reaction near underwater thermal vents called white smokers.
White smoker vents emit lighter-hued minerals, such as those containing barium, calcium, and silicon. These vents also tend to have lower temperature plumes. These alkaline hydrothermal vents also continuously generate acetyl thioesters, providing both the starting point for more complex organic molecules and the energy needed to produce them. Microscopic structures in such alkaline vents "show interconnected compartments that provide an ideal hatchery for the origin of life".
Chemical reactions happening every minute of every hour of every day in even only a few thousand well, some numbers:  5000 white smokers times every minute gives 2,628,000,000 chances per year. Meaning a 1:100 trillion chance becomes extremely likely in only 38,051.75 years. A 1:1 quintillion chance (1 with 18 zeroes after it) means 380,517,503.81 years. And it only takes that long if it happens on the last occurrence of 1 quintillion.

When you consider the facts, the idea of abiogenesis is quite reasonable.
 1. the Wiki article on lightning strikes had no info on how many strikes
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