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:?  It can't be that simple...it's that simple?   :-

Sadly, very very sadly, it is. Their twisted logic goes like this: "If any part of the bible is proven wrong then our [their] whole faith is in jeopardy so we [they] must adhere to ever bit of the bible and accept it all as the absolute truth." Thus they believe the universe was created in only 6 days in a really fuct-in-the-head order (because the bible said so) and original sin and all of creation is only about 6000 years old. Yet they are not put in psychiatric institutions because religion has a sacrosanct &) place in society.

What's worse is they're doing everything they can to corrupt science to their own ends to "prove" their beliefs. Thus "Answers in Genesis" and the Noah's Ark and bible & dinosaur parks. Kent Hovind (in jail for tax fraud) and Ken Ham (who looks like the missing link) are the main two YEC I know of. Scary men.

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