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You've come here to share with us Jesus' "core" teachings.

news to me ...


Does love include employing policies such as converting one under duress lest one be relegated to the depths of hell forever?  That was pretty darn popular for many centuries, but not so much today.  Does love include shunning the LGBT for their own good so they can see the gravity of their "sin"?  Does my neighbor include my actual neighbor who is Sikh and although have lived their entire lives in the US and so have clearly heard the story of Jesus but refuse to believe it?  What about my Christian raised friend who married a Jewish man?  Does he count?  It wasn't long ago, relatively speaking, the Church demanded Jews sequester themselves from certain aspects of society, were legally banned from civil rights, and were forced to identify themselves by their clothing (arguably, the origins of the gold star of david on the coat).  This was done to honor your god, inspired by those who sincerely loved with their whole souls, bodies and minds. 

Oh dear, do I detect some pain here?

yours or mine?

My opinion doesn't matter.

so there is no reason to respond ...
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