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If one says the "Past" is in existence. What is your proof?
If its "past" then that means there is no more of it.
Some may give a Classic Movie, but the movie is still here so its not really "past".

If one say the "Now" is in existence. What is your proof?
If you i say Now this "Now" is written, thats a few seconds ago so that Now is not Now
So what is Now?

Much Worse if you believe in the "Future", what is your proof?
At least the past has a Classic Movie to hold on to.

The point is, you wont have Physical Proof of these yet you can factually say it has, it is, and it will be.
No one said the past is "in existence", and that was not what you addressed when you first brought up the subject. You asked how we can "believe" in the past, present, and future, or you at least equated the acknowledgement of them as a "belief". You continue to conflate the terms trust, expectation, confidence, and belief as if they all mean the same thing, but they simply do not. Your analogies fail, utterly.

The past existed (note the past tense of the word exist). I know this because I was there and experienced it first hand. Where's my proof? Well, my kids were acting cute yesterday and I recorded it with my phone's video camera. My car had a full tank of gas yesterday but after driving around town for a while it now only has 3/4 of a a tank. When I woke up this morning I was very hungry, but after eating breakfast I no longer feel hungry. This list of proofs could go on and on...

The present exists, because here I am typing this reply to you, which would be an impossibility without the existence of the time in which I am performing this action. You attempt to be clever in noting that once the present is recognized as such it immediately becomes the past, but the progress of time is indisputable.

I have reasonable expectations and trust that the future will exist, based upon a lifetime of it happening. As it turns out, every single moment of my life was immediately and without fail followed by another one. That's an awful lot of evidence on which to base my trust. But let's test my expectation that the future will indeed manifest itself. Here goes, starting now: OK....present....still the present....waaaaaaaait for it....BLAMMO! Here it is! It is now a future time from when I began typing these sentences! Amazing!
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