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Without the belief in a God or in a Diety, people wont be the same. Everything would probably be in chaos. I myself would have killed so many people who were gravely at fault with me, if i didnt believe that there is unbearable punishment waiting for me if i do that besides imprisonment, prison is bearable. How Come? Coz there would be no difference between good and bad, one would be doing only acts of self preservation. There wont be any morals, like not doing to your kid what you do to your wife at night.
Wow. There have been many theists here that have implied they would become criminals/rapists/murderers if they did not believe in god, but to the best of my knowledge you are the first to come right out and state it. Would you truly start killing people and having sex with your children if you believed there was no god? If so, you are a frightening individual.

There are two reasons I, as one who holds no belief in any gods, do not, will not, and have not thrown all "morals" out and become a complete monster:
1. Unlike you, apparently, my freedom is extremely valuable to me, and to risk losing it by committing what our society has deemed a crime worthy of imprisonment is ludicrous. You see, as someone who has no belief in any after life, I have to make the most of the one existence I know I have, and I cannot do that behind bars.

2. As strange as it may seem to you, the Golden Rule (do unto others as you would have them do unto you, in case you didn't know) is very important to me. I will not intentionally cause harm to anyone because I don't wish suffering on anyone, as I hope to endure none myself. I know this is a difficult concept for someone who bases his morality on god, but a god is not required in order to not wish harm on others. Again, one who believes this life is our only existence will generally strive to make the best of it, and for most that goes along with treating others as we want to be treated.

If one believe in the Past, Present and Future, then you do believe in God. You're just not sure who he is or what he is and maybe you simply would like to have more proof of him manifest in your life.
There is no "belief" in the past or or present. Those things are realities[1] and indisputable. Regarding the future, it is more reasonable to say that one has trust that tomorrow will come. Trust is not the same thing as belief. Trust is grounded in experience and evidence. Every day of my life I have awoken to a new day where this planet, the sun, and the universe still exist. Based on this empirical and enduring evidence, I trust that the same will happen when I wake up tomorrow.
 1. barring the slight possibility that I'm a brain in a jar/The Matrix type situation, of course
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