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Here is a testimony of a man raised by 2 lesbian mothers and who is against LGBT marriage, and marriage is related to LGBT parenting, which we discuss here. I found it here: http://englishmanif.blogspot.com/2013/01/le-figaro-runs-confessional-of-man.html
As others have pointed out, simply finding one person who agrees with your perspective does not a comprehensive consensus make. That you had to (metaphorically, of course) go all the way to France to dig up this obscure story is indicative of the tenuous nature of your argument. After reading the article you linked, it seems this person's biggest issue is not being raised by lesbians, but that his father abandoned him. He says:
"My father, who had abandoned my mother when I was three, precisely due to the relation she was engaged in, was never around, notably when I needed him."
So he justifiably attributes his parent's breakup to his mother's affair, but he inexplicably blames his father's absence on the lesbian relationship. He goes on to say:
"I suffered from the lack of a father, a daily presence, a character and a properly masculine example, some counterweight to the relationship of my mother to her lover. I was aware of it at a very early age. I lived that absence of a father, experienced it, as an amputation."
And further:
When one objects to him that many children live in such a state because of divorce, he rebuts:  "Divorce does not deprive a child necessarily of its parents, who normally are given shared or alternate guardianship of the child. Especially, divorce does not replace the father with a second woman, exacerbating even more the affective imbalance, both emotional and structural, for the child."
Finally, he presents the foundation for his opposition to gay adoption:
"I oppose this bill because in the name of a fight against inequalities and discrimination, we would refuse a child one of its most sacred rights, upon which a universal, millenia-old tradition rests, that of being raised by a father and a mother. You see, two rights collide: the right to a child for gays, and the right of a child to a mother and father.
The obvious problem with this view is that his father chose to abandon him.

I am a father. I adore my children. If, for any reason, my wife and I were to divorce, I would continue to be a prominent part of my kids' lives. I would insist on it. They are my children as much as hers, and nothing would keep me away from them. Not even <gasp!> if my wife was in a lesbian relationship.

This man's pain is caused by his father not caring enough to have a part in his life, not by his mom being a lesbian. The sad fact is that fathers, and occasionally mothers, abandon their children with alarming regularity. No child has a "right to be raised by a father and mother" because the actions and/or disposition of the father and mother cannot be determined or controlled.

I know this because I, too, was raised without a father. In my case, my father had the audacity[1] to succumb to a brain aneurysm and die when I was a boy. And I have to agree that it kind of felt like an amputation to me, as it does to this day. But I suppose my situation is not as hurtful because my dad didn't choose to abandon me, as his did him. Its just sad that this person has twisted his own hurt feelings of having a father who didn't care about him into condemnation of same-sex marriage/adoption rights.

Homosexuality didn't make his dad run away, weak character did.
 1. sarcasm, folks
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