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Due to the popularity of the conspiracy theory, official agencies have received thousands of complaints from people who have demanded an explanation.

The problem with this demand is that no explanation other than one that supports the conspiracy theory is ever accepted by these people. Just like the so-called 911 "truth" movement simply refuses to believe the actual truth about 911. Its such a misnomer. They should call themselves the 911 "not satisfied with the truth" movement.

Consider also that "evil" people are generally those who are out for their own interests over that of the community as a whole.  Which seems to make it far LESS likely they will work for an organisation that places highest value on following the dictates of the hidden and nefarious few at the top.

And how do you get IN to one of these organisations, anyway?  Do you start at the DVLA, and (once demonstrating your disregard for humanity) get recruited into the conspiracy?  Or do they recruit directly from the demonstrably evil and anti-social, who are of course the most stable and reliable of workers?

Add to this that most people who are viewed as evil by society at large don't actually see themselves as such.

Even as a kid I thought Stan Lee dropped the ball by having the X-men villians call themselves the "Brotherhood of Evil Mutants". Nobody is going to join an organization that immediately calls itself evil! Essentially, Magneto is Malcolm X[1] to Xavier's MLK, but he's only "evil" to those in power that just want him to stop fighting back.

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